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In my work repairs and restoration form a harmonious unity with the new building. Through collaboration with soloist musicians, I have gained experience in solving tonal problems in 30 years of violin making. Findings on the construction of old masterpieces, which I have acquired in the repair of valuable instruments, flow into the construction of my own violins, violas and violoncellos. In my workshop, for example, violins, violas and violoncellos are created, whose tone is characterized by its sound, color, and sensitivity. They have proved their worth in great orchestras, at first consoles, in solistic tasks and in chamber music.

I build in free design according to classical models and in the workings of the old master instruments for modern aesthetic and high tonal demands. Each instrument is produced individually. From the planning to the final tone correction my work and in its individuality from the previous one is distinguishable.

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