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Josef Huber master of violinmaking
-born in 1961 in Wasserburg/ Inn (Germany)
-Instruction in violin, piano and music theory in school
-Instruction as luthier since 1983 with Hartmut Münzberg (Tabeckendof / Germany)
-move to Berlin 1987
-since 1992 master luthier
-opening of own shop 1992 in Berlin

” I became a luthier, because I wanted to remain a musician. Therefore, my main focus with respect to build violins is the investigation of production of sound. The search of original sound of bowed string instruments was a emphasis in the workshop where I was educated. With the first old violin in my hands and the questions: How did the builder live?, With which consciousness was this instrument built?, How did this instrument sound when it was new? the interst in the history of building violins was opened”

Prinzenallee 58, BERLIN, 13359. Germany

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