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Markus Lage learned the craftsmanship as a violin maker at the State College for violin construction in Mittenwald, where he completed his apprenticeship through a successful journeyman examination in 1987. After his years of apprenticeship with Michael Becker in Chicago, Otto-Karl Schenk in Bern and Urs Scheifele in Liestal near Basel, he passed his master’s examination in Hamburg in 1992. With the experience and routine gained through his activities in the recognized workshops in the USA and Switzerland, he dedicates himself to the careful restoration and repair of stringed instruments and the construction of new instruments in his own masterpiece, which he established in March 1993 In his birthplace Bielefeld.
At eight years, Markus Lage got his first cell-counseling and later, and later learned to play double-bass.

Paulusstr 17, BIELEFELD, 33602, Germany

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