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The world of music. A world that transcends time, captures emotions, and leaves us longing for more. It has the ability to heal, to educate, and to create more tolerant human beings. For the last thirty years I have been a part of this world, and cannot imagine my life otherwise.

For the past fifteen years my life has concentrated on helping musicians find their voices, and protecting instruments that make these voices possible. My methods might seem eccentric, constantly traveling the world, but my means are rather precise: I am a relentless detective and matchmaker finding great masters’ violins and quietly putting them in the careful hands of renowned musicians and Medici of our age… the kindred spirits who understand both the importance of this preservation, and the undeniable high performing investment qualities that have appreciated in every economic environment.

The following web pages show violins, violas and one cello that have played important roles in my quest, and represent the quality of instruments that I have sourced and placed with my clients. This constitutes my practice. I invite you to join me on this journey, and trust that you will find it as remarkable and fulfilling as I do.

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