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I was born in Moscow (Russia) in 1978. In 2000 I came to Italy to start my studies for becoming a luthier, because I whished to dedicate my working life to my passion which is violinmaking.

During my studies I always kept doing practical training to improve my professional skills and to enrich my experience.

In year 2005 I gained a diploma of a violin maker.
In 2008 I joined the Italian Violin Makers Association (A.L.I.).
In 2009 I joined the Consortium of Violinmakers “Antonio Stradivari” Cremona.

I am a young luthier and I am full of energies. I work following the canons of the Cremonese violinmaking tradition, constructing instruments based on all the principal models which made Cremonese violinmaking famous worldwide.

I construct violins, violas and cellos

I offer ancient valuable instruments and bows for sale

I offer student instruments and bows with accessories for sale

Via Aselli 88. CREMONA, 26100, Italy

Contact Vladimiro Cubanzi
Tel +39 340 7768000

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