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During my long artistic life, I have worked in many countries of the world over the years.

A special place is held by my Russian period, where I had a wonderful workshop in the centre of Moscow. It was a great pleasure to have worked in Moscow in the 70’s and 80’s. That period was the Golden Age of the Russian performing school.

Then I moved to Spain where I’ve been living for almost 20 years now. In Madrid you have a wonderful weather and the sun shines almost all over the year. This helps me a lot in making my instruments. I’ve got almost perfect conditions here. A large workshop where I create new instruments and do restorations. I also have a garden where the wood from which I make new instruments is “sunbathing“.

My workshop is located about 50 kilometers from Madrid in a quiet area, which helps me to concentrate entirely on my work. Now I’m in a completely different creative phase compared to that one when I used to work in Moscow.

At this stage, it’s the privacy that’s most important to me, because when I work here I can devote a lot of time to my new instruments.

The Spanish sun, too, plays a vital role in the process of varnishing new instruments. I have devoted many years of my life to the study of this question; I have read and studied a huge number of books and old manuscripts. I make varnishes for my instruments always on my own and according to my own formula.

Instruments are available for purchase directly via waiting list. After purchase, Pochekin instruments are sound-adjusted by Yuri together with the player, because each one has their own unique sound and musical profile.

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Address Calle Las Charcas 9, Becerril de La Sierra, 28490, MADRIK, Spain
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