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Gijsbert was trained in the U.K. at the Newark school of violin making, and got his degree in 1991. During his school period he acquired work experience with Chaudiere in Montpellier and Kagi in Berlin. Since 1995 he has established his own workshop in Rotterdam, after a period of working for shops in Madrid (J.M. lozano and Laurent Lopez). In his workshop he repairs and restores instruments as well as bows and rehairs. Most importantly he makes new instruments; violins, violas and cellos.
The new instruments he creates are, of course, based on the old patterns from Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati and other makers. Over last years Gijsbert has developed his own style in making, a style which every maker has to develop after his tuition period. In Gijsbert’s case Newark and the other makers he works and has worked with. Gijsbert is especially interested in the question of sound: what makes a instrument sound the way it does, how can we influence the tone, what does a specific model do, etc.

Gerard Scholten straat 104, ROTTERDAM, 3035 SR, Netherlands

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Tel+31 10 4661559

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