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Jaap Bolink, born in Enschede on 7 February 1946, is the son of artist-violin maker Jan Hendrik Bolink. He made his first violin when he was thirteen. From 1963 until 1967 he followed a violin making course in Mittenwald in Germany. He then worked as an independent violin maker in Amsterdam and as chef d’atelier at Arnold Dolmetsch in England. In 1970 he took his diploma in Mittenwald and his work was awarded a gold medal. Since 1973 Bolink has lived and worked in Hilversum, together with his wife Annelies Steinhauer, who is also a violin maker. He is primarily concerned with making new instruments. From 1987 to 1997 Bolink was secretary of the NGV, and since 1997 has been chairman

Lijstervreugde, Heuvellaan 6, HILVERSUM, 1217 JM, Netherlands

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