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For over 20 years,Tanja Brandon is specialized in stringed instruments and bows of high quality for professional musicians, teachers, students and pupils of all levels and ages. After 20 years of making, selling and purchasing string instruments, one thing is very clear: a great sound is what matters most for the player.

Tanja Brandon makes violins, violas and cellos in her workshop in Hilversum. Her new instruments are played by professional musicians and amateur musicians of all levels, members of orchestras, string quartets and conservatories students. The instruments are played both in and outside Europe.

She works also professionally in repairing, restoring, selling and renting of stringinstruments. Selected are only the best instruments, in every price range, in tone and quality of work. Of all instruments the set-up is made by Tanja Brandon in the workshop, and are prepared or modified for best results. There is a wide choice of old and new instruments for every level, from beginners to the top.

Noorderweg 154, HILVERSUM, 1222 PH,

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