Middelste Gracht 89e, LEIDEN, 2312 TT, Netherlands +31 71 514 8783
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My studio is located in the Thieleman and Dros complex in the city of Leiden. Here I work as an independent violin maker since 1994. We are mainly engaged in the craft of violin making: the construction, repair and restoration of stringed instruments. Walk with us immediately into the workplace. We do not really have a shop with a storefront. You can see my heart is in the work on the instruments.

I have since childhood played on violin. During my school years I found myself working his craft was at least as interesting as physics and mathematics. After graduating from the Gymnasium Diploma I was trained from 1982 to luthier violin making school in Mittenwald, Germany. This training I finished in 1986 with the “Gesellenbrief” German exam for craft occupations. According to a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages have a companion after his training working for several years at various masters before themselves derive the Master Exam. The journeyman years I worked at Christian Brosse to Borstorf, Willem Bouman in The Hague and by Matthias Tödtmann Hamburg. In Hamburg I got my “Letter Meister” in 1992. After that I settled down as a violinmaker in Leiden. Since 2005 I am a member of the Dutch Group of Violin and Bow Makers (NGV).

Middelste Gracht 89e, LEIDEN, 2312 TT,

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Tel +31 71 514 8783

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Phone Number +31 71 514 8783
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Address Middelste Gracht 89e, LEIDEN, 2312 TT, Netherlands
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